Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just Plain Ant - SeeWhatEyeSee

Just Plain Ant - SeeWhatEyeSee

label: on Bandcamp
released: 10 October 2010
style: experimental hiphop glitch

Shouts to Just Plain Ant for letting us know that his new album SeeWhatEyeSee is finally available. Just Plain Ant makes tracks that have a broad range of appeal. Even if you ’re unfamiliar with a certain style or genre of music, Just Plain Ant has a way of making it enjoyable. Take for example, the first track, All I Need (Happy In Three-Four) where he chops up a Surface track and adds some glitch/Grime to it.

1. All I Need (Happy In Three-Four) 04:55
2. Wonder What I'd Do (feat. Joey Ripps) 05:07
3. The Last Of This (Feat. Sleaze) 04:37
4. I'll Be (feat. Samsun and Official Freeze) 04:46
5. Take The World (feat. Jay R&B) 05:23
6. Singing To Myself (feat. Caits Meissner) 03:54
7. Don't Look Back (feat. NOTE) 04:14
8. Sick (feat. Draztiq and Samsun) 04:24
9. Normalcy 03:18
10. Free 2 Be 05:39
11. BeginAgain 04:44
12. Spaces (feat. Alex Murphy) 05:00
13. Shine Your Light 03:38
14. Everything Became Something Else (feat. Mic Jordan) 04:02

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