Friday, October 15, 2010

TabLiv :The Vermont Tapes

TabLiv :The Vermont Tapes

label: on Jamendo
released: June 17, 2010
style: hiphop
format: 192kbps mp3

TabLiv is a semi-concept album created by Tab {Dead Poets} & Tone Liv {Green Llamas}. The album is focused around a road trip to Vermont, but it also has a very nostalgic feel to it. Tab handled most of the production with a few beats from {Dibiase,Vincent Price & A.U.R.C} sprinkled in to keep it interesting. The Vermont Tapes is definately a feel good summer record but it still has that raw 90's underground NY hip-hop vibe. Influences from everywhere {Sublime,Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest} can be heard throughout these 13 tracks.


1 Road Trippin' 2:30
2 Vinyl {feat Elle Rose} 2:41
3 Take it Easy 2:14
4 Strong Dranks 2:55
5 Spring Cleaning {feat. Meatman} 2:54
6 MorningStar 2:50
7 Killington Slopes {feat. Sol Zalez} 2:29
8 BoozeHounds 2:31
9 Lazy Afternoon {feat Scootie} 2:49
10 Special Olympics 2:09
11 Hazard Lights {feat Renagade} 2:27
12 Magic of the Night {feat. A.U.R.C} 2:39
13 Yesterdaze 2:43

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