Friday, October 15, 2010

ALM - Voyage à l'Ancienne Orléans


ALM - Voyage à l'Ancienne Orléans

label: FreeDOM Records
released: October 11, 2010
style: abstract hiphop jazz/swing
format: 192kbps mp3

Passionate hip hop since his youth, ALM we propose in this album on a journey through time. Sounds transport us into the 1930s with a range of samples or even jazzy swing, extracted exclusively from old vinyl. Composed in a style beat making all those old sounds are accompanied by old school hip hop rhythms, sometimes very "dirty", but still impressive. Everything is inflated by very powerful subs and enriched by the sounds of vintage synthesizers.
Sometimes nostalgic hip hop for years 80-90, and his old lover in general, ALM invites us, with these six songs, share a trip atypical at Old Orleans.


01 - Love of this key 4:30
02 - So cool 4:31
03 - A l'ancienne Orleans 4:27
04 - Swing 3:25
05 - Just do it...every night 5:00
06 - Generation gap 4:04

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