Saturday, September 17, 2011

Waitapu - Bassonic Lodge

Waitapu - Bassonic Lodge

label: Fresh Poulp Records
released: 15.09.11
style: dark dub dubstep electronic
format: 320kbps mp3

Before diving into dub dimensions, members of Waitapu gathered strength and experience for many years in various spheres of hard underground sound such as stoner rock, hard core, hair metal and punk. Taking all that weight with them, they have submerged into deep dub sounds. Bassonic Lodge is tangible result of this submergence. The songs were recorded at Jazbina studio and produced by Dubolique, and ‘remixes are work by Jah Billah (already on Dub Tentacles Vol3) and Dziga (already a Fresh Poulp activist!!).

1. Jeux 3:26
2. Geiger 3:27
3. Truckin’ 3:55
4. Chrom Dioxid 6:21
5. Jeux (Jah Billah’s Dub Reconstruction) 3:23
6. Truckin’ (Dziga Remix) 4:12

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