Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pazes - The Southpaw EP

Pazes - The Southpaw EP

label: Exponential Records
released: 16 February 2011
style: electronic hiphop instrumental indie brazil beats
format: 320kpbs mp3, FLAC,....

Pazes is Lucas Febraro, musician/producer from Brasília, Brazil. Born in São Paulo and having lived in just about every corner of Brazil, he eventually settled right in the middle of the country and South America itself. Growing up listening mostly to rock music and bossa nova through the influence of a music loving father, Lucas first picked up the guitar at 14. Writing songs for fun, music still seemed more like something to be appreciated rather than made.
Then along came hip-hop and electronic music, and with it DAWs, synths, drum machines and turntables. Sonic possibilities expanded exponentially, and so did the will to make music, now through a whole new perspective.
It's in this scenario of blending old influences with new, often radically different ones that Pazes' debut EP The Southpaw is made.

1. Evaporar 02:10
2. Etacarinae 03:06
3. Untitled 03:43
4. Dormir ft. Jamila Farah 03:14
5. Dormir ft. Jamila Farah (SP-33 Remix) 03:35

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