Wednesday, September 28, 2011

40% Rabatt - Gecoltiveerde Aap

40% Rabatt - Gecoltiveerde Aap

label: Bankrupt Recordings
released: 2011/05/05
style: groove soul house beats electronic
format: 320kbps mp3

The multitalented writer-turned-producer 40% Rabatt finished his album Gecoltiveerde Aap, which is now available on Bankrupt Recordings.
You can expect warm, groovy soul tunes peppered with house and dance beats and flavored with a good dose of humor. Perfect music for the sunny months to come.

01 Intro
02 Easy Party
03 High Heels
04 Meow
05 Magic
06 Buttons
07 Late Bloomer
08 Baby I Don't Care
09 Couleur De Cire
10 Protéger
11 I Need
12 Wie Zet Die Wagen Daar Nou Neer!
13 Gecoltiveerde Aap
14 Romanticismo
15 Make You Happy
16 Another Day
17 Outro

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