Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Manwel T - Virtual Dub 4

Manwel T - Virtual Dub 4

label: Dubkey
released: September 2011
style: dub reggae electronic
format: 320kbps mp3

The fourth chapter in the Virtual Dub series is more rootical than the previous set. Most of the tracks are pure reggae vibes! All the artists behind the rhythms deliver; in fact it's very difficult to choose highlights on this album. It is a uniformly solid set.
KoCha, Delmighty Sounds, Wildfiyah Rootikal, Mind's Eye Dub, and Jah Zohar appear on the Virtual Dub series for the first time, while Soul Remedy, Blaminack, and Urban Dub continue to grace the series with their topnotch contributions.
Manwel T goes back to the roots, with style!

01. Opening Dub Connection
02. Opening Connection Dub
03. Sub Urban
04. Judgement Come
05. World Of Sorrow
06. Don Dub (Melodica Mix)
07. Don Dub (Horns Mix)
08. Get Flat
09. Power And Might
10. Rush Hour
11. Plastic Poppy City
12. Plastic City Dub

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