Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chooko - Orbeatal EP

Chooko - Orbeatal EP

label: Bump Foot
released: December 19, 2010
style: electronic hiphop idm downtempo
format: 320kbps mp3

Chooko's debut EP incorporates many electronic styles ranging from IDM to hip hop, etc... This EP was recorded and mixed in autumn 2010, although most of the material was written years ago, but unfortunately the artist until this year didn't have adequate circumstances to get the results he wanted. now that he has, it's finally done. Seven carefully designed and composed tracks based on ideas that accumulated throughout the past couple years. Sometimes laid back, sometimes fairly banging... for lovers of the vinyl sound who are not afraid of new approaches. The main goal behind this EP is to spread love, peace and unity, and to help other people realize the fact that "deep within all of us... there lies a ninja".

01. Poker (3:01)
02. Neon Dawg (3:02)
03. Sans Soleil (3:33)
04. Flower Tower (4:38)
05. Trashetta (2:55)
06. Skyland (2:25)
07. Pretty Little Kitty (2:02)

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