Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zengineers - The 5th Realm

Zengineers - The 5th Realm

label: iD.EOLOGY
released: 28. 9. 2010
style: Drum´n´Bass
format: 320kbps mp3

With their fifth album in total, Zengineers carefully and consciously take two steps back from everyday life and contemplate what becomes visible when the veil of reality drops. Following them in their tracks, your gaze might be opened for a realm of existence which is being populated by ever-hungry ghosts. Beings that are condemned to vegetate in eternal balefulness due to their insatiable desires. What might be mistaken solely for social critcism laced with buddhism also emblematizes accurately the tragic of interpersonal relationships as well as the artist's obsession to perfect his own creations. Drawing energy from contemplation, Zengineers carefully and consciously now take one step forward and enrich their specific mixture of drum'n'bass, worldmusic, downbeat and pop with live elements of guitars and percussion which add a psychedelic facet to the eclectic interplay of intricate, aggressive beats and neat, blissful song-passages.

01. Step into the Realm
02. Imperial Palace
03. Floodlines
04. Back from the Grave
05. Underneath the Surface
06. The Veil (Time Pipelines Pt. I)
07. Spring will come (Time Pipelines Pt. II)
08. Fox Fire
09. Current State
10. Heightened Sense of Vision
11. Segaki
12. Soul Travel

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