Wednesday, September 15, 2010

V.A. - Latino Resiste presents Tropi Chaos

V.A. - Latino Resiste! presents Tropi Chaos

label: Latino Resiste, Rebel Sounds
released: 2010
style: latin, cumbia, brazilian house, mash-up, funk

In the First LR Vol 1 we had the best of Latin Underground Rebel Music from all over Latin America; but one country was missed: BRAZIL. We wanted to have an "ONLY BRAZILIAN" compilation. That is what we have.
Latino Resiste presents TROPICHAOS ( pronounced Tropi chão) because of the chaotic way to mix music and because the word chaos is near to chão, which is a very used word in Brazilian pancadão!
Anyone with a passing interest in new brazilian music may have noticed a generation shift over the last few years, a blend of the brazilian folklore with many other influences, and also a great response from public to baile funk, samba, bossa, technobrega, capoeira, brazilian_mash up, and much more amazing stuff that comes from this new wave of producers, promoters, DJs, hustlers and bustlers who have redefined brazilian music.

1. Faroff - Brazilian Star Wars
2. Escola de Samba Osnabrick - Carnaval Da Bahia
3. Nappy G & Zuzuka Poderosa - Bushwick Baile (Sabo RMX)
4. Nog Dog & Bumps - Batumata
5. Brutal Redneck - Samba Is All That She Wants
6. André Paste - 12 Tapinhas Nao Doem
7. Bonde Do Role - Micose
8. DJ Cremoso - Tik Tok
9. Leo Justi - Kid Conga (MC Miltinho)
10. Joao Brasil - Get Pet
11. Daniel Peixoto & DJ Chernobyl feat. Carol Teixeira - Flei
12. Lucio K - Balanca o Seu Ganha Pao
13. Heart Me feat. Zuzuka Poderosa - Can't Stand The Wait (DJ Chernobyl RMX)
14. Disco Killah - Booth
15. Mixhell & Edu - Boom Da!

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