Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clayton & Fulcrum - The Free EP


Clayton & Fulcrum - The Free EP

label: Natural Selection
released: .....
style: broken beats, breaks, funk

Hailing from the city of soul, Philadelphia, Clayton and Fulcrum are part of a new breed of electronic musicians. Not limiting themselves to any particular genre or tempo, they run the gamut of styles, rhythms, and vibes in search of musical fulfillment. Their dj sets also reflect this diversity, and are a vibrant display of the potential in their studio vision.

1. Give It To Me
2. Marvin's Groove
3. Downrock's Theme
4. Block Party
5. Dubtribe Soundsystem - Rhythm In Your Mind (C&F rmx)
6. Alltogethernow
7. Whodafunkit?
8. Skalpel - Break In (C&F rmx)

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