Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Third Person Lurkin - The Nameless City LP

Third Person Lurkin - The Nameless City LP

label: Dusted Wax Kingdom
released: 22-Sep-2010
style: trip-hop downtempo chilled beats
format: 320kbps mp3

Third Person Lurkin is the ambient/trip-hop side of the English producer Tommy Marshall (a.k.a. Marshall Artist). "The Nameless City" LP will grab your heart and soul with wonderful crispy lo-fi beats, beautiful vibes, tickling basslines and chilled melancholic background ambience. A fantastic album by a fantastic artist!!

1. Mountain Top Temples
2. Churning Vapours
3. The Silver Key
4. Eon Dead Hallways
5. Cyclopean Pylons
6. The Ice Sheet
7. Float Awkward
8. Liquid Lights
9. A Potent Nimbus
10. Spiral Realm

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