Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thiaz Itch - Misty

Thiaz Itch - Misty

label: Proot rec.
released: September 20, 2010
style: instrumental comedy cinematic bossa nova mambo oriental pop

By a facetious coincidence, the 9th release labelled "Misty" represents the "cloud nine" of Proot, a bewitching feeling of bliss.
This album swinging between instrumental cinematographic pieces and lovely adorned songs evokes the sweetiest dreams and shimmering colors from far away lands. Thiaz Itch

01 Ventricular Pavement
02 Chasing Breathes
03 Himene Aura A Ore
04 Isma Roktar
05 Basso Combo Mambo
06 Tchatung Vilkha
07 Masitipan Itiou
08 Sliming Holograms
09 L'Écharde Mauve
10 Oh My Chouitie

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