Friday, September 17, 2010

Garmisch - Garmisch

Garmisch - Garmisch

label: blocSonic
released: August 31, 2010
style: electropop downtempo eclectic electronic

If you’re at all familiar with Swedish pop music, you’ll no doubt already know that it’s quite infectious. Garmisch is no different. Well over a year in the making, the self-titled “Garmisch” album captures much of what made both of their previous EPs so special and manages to add to that more polished production and mastering. If you’re familiar with Garmisch’ previous work, you’re guaranteed to thoroughly enjoy it. If you’re new to Garmisch, this is the perfect place to introduce yourself to their sound.

01 - Facing the Sea
02 - Try 01
03 - Unreal
04 - Uddling
05 - Doing Time
06 - Laugh Tracks
07 - Glimmer
08 - The Cultural History of the Penis
09 - Courtesy of Steven Wright
10 - Ebrained

download link 320kbps
download link FLAC

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