Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lavoura - Hybrid Machines

Lavoura - Hybrid Machines

label: on Jamendo
released: June 05, 2005
style: electronic broken idm drum´n´bass fusion
format: 192 kbps mp3

Lavoura's Hybrid Machines is certainly a showcase for the fusion of many musical styles this group has become known for. Hybrid Machines to me feels a little like a compilation album with its many flavors and lack of real cohesiveness. From the cool downbeat grooves of "Caipira Nomade" to the pulsating drum n bass drive of "Freak Sunday" Lavoura covers it all, blending seemingly disparate styles quite well. But like a variety of mixed drinks you may not want to take it all in at once, but instead savor the coolness of each track on its own like another of my favorite tracks - "Sussuarana Lo-Fi Adventures" - which is simply awesome.
Produced by: Fernando TRZ & Caleb ML


1 Caipira Nômade 4:07
2 Black Atlantic 5:06
3 Sussuarana Lo-Fi Adventures (Apollo9/Cibelle Remixed) 4:46
4 Deep Motion 3:52
5 Grass 5:20
6 Sudeste Contraste 4:27
7 CC Spot Tornado 4:59
8 Freak Sunday 4:22
9 Keepin it Real and Funky Dub (feat. Z-Rox) 4:02
10 Rainha do Sol (remixed by Furious Stereo) 3:22

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