Sunday, September 19, 2010

Implosion Quintet - I don't hear a single

Implosion Quintet - I don't hear a single

label: Commodity Records
released: 27 August 2009
style: electroacoustic jazz indie

A faceful of bang! The 4th Implosion Quintet net EP was a goodwill gesture to the net-audio community that has given me enough support over the years to warrant my continuing. 'Don't comprises works written shortly after the completion of the debut album, The Future Sound of Yesterday, and some of my favourite IQ material to date. Jalopy' and 'Waterous would have been on the album had I completed them in time, but lucky for you I didn't so you get them for nowt!

1. Jalopy Peppers 04:00
2. (Don't) quack the duck 03:23
3. Wires & Lights 04:11
4. The waterous device 04:13

<a href="">I don't hear a single by Implosion Quintet</a>

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