Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joachim De Lux - Le Rondo Des Sirènes

Joachim De Lux - Le Rondo Des Sirènes 

label: NeuroPlastic 
released: 30 July 2012 
style: synth experimental future glitch triphop bass electronic 
format: 320kbps mp3 

From Joachim De Lux, a one-man electroacoustic sensation, comes the single ʻLe Rondo Des Sirènesʼ, an experimental, eclectic song with a catchy hook and a dramatic atmosphere that evokes the dual nature of the femme fatale as musically enchanting yet deadly. Joachim sets off the melody of a sarod and African beats with crisp claps and melodic synthwork, while harps, synths and samples of a life aquatic create a genre-defying underwater sound collage thatʼs as refreshing as a sea breeze. ʻLe Rondo Des Sirènesʼ is accompanied by 6 remixes by NeuroPlastic artists, and one by a remix contest winner. 

1. Le Rondo Des Sirènes (Original Mix) 04:21 
2. Le Rondo Des Sirènes (Stereo Silence Remix) 04:25 
3. Le Rondo Des Sirènes (Madeaux Remix) 04:24 
4. Le Rondo Des Sirènes (CloZee Remix) 04:22 
5. Le Rondo Des Sirènes (How Green Remix) 04:28 
6. Le Rondo Des Sirènes (The Calm Project Remix) 03:14 
7. Le Rondo Des Sirènes (Vapor Maché Remix) 03:14 
8. Le Rondo Des Sirènes (Harry Lawless Remix) 05:35 

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