Monday, September 10, 2012

GRiZ - Mad Liberation

GRiZ - Mad Liberation 

label: self-release 
released: 4. 9. 2012 
style: electronic soul future funk hiphop dubstep glitch 
format: 320kbps mp3 

Mad Liberation is a collection of songs that I have been working on for the past year that ranged from mostly original compositions to varied sample work (retro vinyl recordings and new all original recordings); digital synthesis that took me weeks to master; to live instrumentation tediously and soulfully recorded by myself and some of my very good friends. This collection of noise – to me – became an album, a sound in a whole, an idea free from limits of thought and more an idea of the heart and soul. Mad Liberation is a piece of me that is representative of my past, breathes life into my present, and is a taste of the future. I don’t have fancy recording equipment, amazing speakers, crazy keyboards, complicated sample packs, proper studio time, cutting edge midi controllers, or outboard mixing gear. What I do have is an endless imagination of the future/now, unrelenting will, constant fascination, and a heart that has no capacity to stop loving and trying. This business – when you boil it down – is not about the machine, but about the man. Even electronic music is humanistic. We breath life into these dead things to make them whisper and ROAR!! I am inspired by that fact, and this is what sets me free. 
This is Mad Liberation 

01 Too Young For Tragedy 07:53 
02 Smash The Funk 06:50 
03 Rock N Roll 05:05 
04 Blastaa 04:28 
05 Live On Arrival 05:43 
06 Where Is The Love? 06:13 
07 Mr. B (feat. Dominic Lalli) 05:48 
08 Fall In Love Too Fast 04:20 
09 Better Than Ive Ever Been 06:18 
10 Wonder Why 07:41 
11 The Future Is Now 06:09 
12 See You Again 06:29 

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