Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cream Child - School Skulls

Cream Child - School Skulls 

label: Ritmo Sportivo 
released: 28 July 2012 
style: instrumental experimental beats balkan hiphop electronic 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

Saint-Petersburg-based beat experimentalist, Ritmo Sportivo resident and one of the top team of Russian electronic musicians - Cream Child, turning upside down his signature sound in his second full-length album "School Skulls". Noir adventures in the world of grim dreams (from Cream Child's debut album) were replaced by children's serenity, walkings on the water and meetings with a drawn characters...Dancing in the dark was replaced by dancing in the daylight...Accordion's magic, nature sounds as the percussions and a sudden electronic reinterpretation of tango dance - everything is possible in this fantastic story. It's always difficult to save the wholeness of the record when you playing with a plenty of genres but not for Cream Child - he done it again...Others still sit in school... 

01. Daylight 01:36 
02. Tango Birds 02:21 
03. Photographer 03:14 
04. Accordion 03:30 
05. With The Wind 02:11 
06. Giovanni 02:33 
07. Kids 03:11 
08. Skulls 03:05 
09. Yellow Mountain 03:43 
10. Yashka 02:31 
11. Sirena 02:35 
12. Julius Air 02:55 
13. Kids (Bittertv Remix) (Digital Bonus) 02:51 

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