Friday, September 14, 2012

313 Eye - What is the Blues EP

313 Eye - What is the Blues EP 

label: Digital Pit 
released: 2012-09-06 
style: instrumental abstract downbeat chill hiphop electronic 
format: 320kbps mp3 

313 Eye debut "What is the Blues" is a first draft, EP format , which tries to introduce the listener into my world. It is the result of several months of listening, inspiration, experiences and research on the sounds you will find among the ten tracks that compose it. 

01.Sundae (4:25) 
02.What is the Blues (5:16) 
03.Play & Play (4:58) 
04.Les Feuilles (3:33) 
05.Be Water My Friend (Interlude) (0:32) 
06.Get Bach (5:00) 
07.Dubaru (5:50) 
08.Exode (5:58)
09.Friendless Beat [BONUS] (2:13) 
10.Let You Go (313 Eye Remix) [BONUS] (4:12) 

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