Sunday, December 19, 2010

tOtALcULt - The Psyche-Hop EP

tOtALcULt - The Psyche-Hop EP

label: Fwonk*
released: November 4, 2010
style: hiphop beats electronic
format: 320kbps mp3

tOtALcULt's Psyche Hop EP began life as a series of collaborations with three MCs from across the globe. However, a hectic schedule of "pounding 40s", "blowing trees", and "keeping it real" meant the international vocalists had no time to actually record any vocals.
So, here is a collection of instrumental tracks which sees spacey melodies sparkling over rolling hip-hop beats while elements of slo-mo disco and psychedelic rock drift in and out of focus.
Download it and prepare to venture where no rapper has dared to spit.

01 Doors Of Perception 03:33
02 Calme 06:22
03 Precinct 13 03:53
04 If I Had A Mind 04:51
05 True 03:52
06 Killer In The Disco 04:21

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