Friday, December 3, 2010

Pinkle – House Plants

Pinkle – House Plants

label: aaahh records
released: 16.11.2010
style: indie/pop/folkotronic
format: 320kbps mp3

We clearly share an affection for artists who love both travelling and fiddling about with crafts and techniqual equipment. Treasuring those features, our newest addition to the aaahh-family fits in perfectly. Hailing from America, Bryn Martin aka Pinkle is now living in Switzerland, where he does not only benefit from a pleasant tax system but beyond spent the last couple of years doing his Phd in engineering. His affection for experiments and puzzling is not only useful for his profession but also a blessing for fans of independent music at the same time. Eager to work out his own individualistic tone, Bryn's songs are mostly guitar-based but mingle with all sorts of other instruments and sounds. Check out our 10th release "House Plants" by Pinkle and hopefully love it as much as we do.

01. What I Hope
02. Quiet
03. It's Not Working
04. So Well
05. Fractals
06. For Me
07. Alibi
08. Paper Thin
09. Rounder Than An Orange Peel
10. Into The Ark
11. Bee Hee
12. Galapagos Island
13. Giraffe

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