Sunday, December 19, 2010

Skeewiff - Breaks of the unexpected

great, highly recommended!!!

Skeewiff - Breaks of the unexpected

label: Pedigree Cuts
released: Dec 15, 2010
style: funky breaks
format: 320kbps mp3

Available over Christmas as a free download - Skeewiff´s 4th studio album - "Breaks of the unexpected". For a limited time only, and as a way to thank all our fans who have been behind us since day one (and to ensure we’ll be where we should be over Christmas – playing loud on party systems worldwide).
Skeewiff has uploaded the entire album in new and improved shiny uber-quality onto soundcloud, so fill your boots and enjoy....

01 – Pokey smokey
02 – Pull the trigger
03 – Jerk the chicken
04 – The fat controller
05 – Lucky jackpot
06 – Allez la beat
07 – A la mode
08 – Hip happening
09 – Funk it out
10 – Kerrazy mad
11 – Tango shmango
12 – Humble beginnings
13 – Run and hide
14 – Tempestuos waters

for download click on single track. hurry only over Christmas!

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