Monday, December 13, 2010

Superpoze - Lost Cosmonaut

sweet christmas cookies!!!

Superpoze - Lost Cosmonaut

label: Digital Pit (Freezeec)
released: 2010-12-04
style: downtempo hiphop instrumental triphop
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,...

After the excellent debut EP Snowpixel, Superpoze focused immediately on the completion of an album featuring 12 new songs! Several plays are needed to discover all the subtleties of the album and it shows with titles each listening favorites ... but never the same! Cons titles by The Haunted House, Sweet September, Attack Monkey, Favourite Flavour can only do so unanimously they are huge. Superpoze browses downtempo, trip-hop, hip-hop instrumental with vocal show featuring Matthew MC and even abstract. And he mastered to perfection the art of sampling, like a Degiheugi or Wax Tailor. The amazing thing is that one feels he still has underfoot ... but before talking about the next album, taste first of this one and find out all the wealth.

01.The Haunted House (4:12)
02.Lost Cosmonaut (3:03)
03.People in Colours (2:54)
04.Writing Animal (feat. Matthew MC) (4:07)
05.Sweet September (4:00)
06.Monkey Attack (5:09)
07.Five Fishermen (3:19)
08.Favourite Flavour (3:33)
09.The Jazz Club (4:22)
10.Ol'Days (feat. Matthew MC) (3:52)
11.Broke My Headphones (3:04)
12.We Came Down (feat Thotem) (4:08)

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