Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Degiheugi - Abstract Symposium

Chickery scratch!!!

Degiheugi - Abstract Symposium

label: Digital Pit (Freezeec)
released: 2010-12-03
style: abstract hiphop triphop downtempo beats
format: 192kbps mp3

Degiheugi, "underground" artist of the French abstract. Previous albums have enabled him to assert his style, create the key "Degiheugi" in addition to the influences of artists such as Wax Tailor, Sporto Kante, Chinese Man or Rjd2 ... but after four albums (one album remix) on the principle of "all self made" had to Degiheugi his humdrum sort of surprise for us.
Mission accomplished! Abstract symposium next level, partly due to external interventions. Indeed, Degiheugi no longer simply a demonstration of its technical expertise but he puts his talent to serve artists beatmaker he asked: Screenatorium, Skap'1, Ghostown, Nolto, Andrre, Mock, Nomad, Astronautalis , Kalyanka, Doctor Noodle, thrifty Astronaut. That's beautiful people.

01.Time for us w/ Screenatorium (4:55)
02.Abstract symposium Part 1 : the dirty man (1:39)
03.Late at night w/ Nomad (4:00)
04.No escape w/ Ghostown (4:35)
05.Abstract symposium Part2 : for kid only (2:25)
06.Mary w/ Doctor Noodle & Thrifty Astronaut (5:29)
07.Freedom ring (3:17)
08.Laughing at, with you w/ Nolto (5:07)
09.Work it (4:32)
10.Behind the wall w/ Kalyanka & Ghostown (5:43)
11.Keeping memory alive w/ Nolto, Andrre, Astronautalis & Nomad (4:56)
12.Abstract symposium Part 3 : the dirty man w/ Ghostown (1:37)
13.Obscure Clarté w/ Skap'1 & Doctor Noodle (3:56)
14.Abstract symposium Part 4 : Train station (1:57)
15.Great self esteem w/ Nolto & Mock (intelligentlemen) (5:29)
16.Chickery scratch (4:10)

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