Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nieve - Playback EP

Nieve - Playback EP

label: Kitchen Dip Recordings
released: December 19, 2010
style: jazzy hiphop
format: 320kbps mp3

Classic Jazz-Inspired Hip-Hop. Los Angeles based MC, Nieve seamlessly combines his smooth rap style, vivid poetic lyrics, and imaginative flow to create an uplifting and refreshing new take on todays Hip-Hop music.
A Kitchen Dip Exclusive; The Playback EP includes 5 free songs off of Nieve's latest album, Playback. Guests Artists on the EP include, Tunji, Noah King, A-Dub, and Ine. as well as Production from Incise, SoulChef, and Cook Classics.

01. Playback (feat. Ine)
02. California (feat. Tunji)
03. Doin That Today
04. Revolutionary Action
05. Life's So Hard (feat. Noah King and A-Dub)

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