Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Funky DL - Back To Frank & Back To Rap (Funky DL Samples Amy Winehouse Volumes 1 & 2)

Funky DL - Back To Frank & Back To Rap (Funky DL Samples Amy Winehouse Volumes 1 & 2) 

label: self-release 
released: 15 January 2013 
style: jazz hiphop beats 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

Respected Hip-Hop maestro, Funky DL, innovatively came correct for 2010 with 'Back To Frank', a piece of Amy Winehouse-inspired audio alchemy. The project came about after a conversation with UK Hip-Hop legend, MCD (Silent Eclipse), from which MCD suggested ideas for DL to expand his appeal to audiences that would appreciate his trademark jazz sound. MCD suggested he use an Amy hook. A cautious DL took his advice and came up with 'Kicked To The Curb', sampling Amy Winehouse's 'You Sent Me Flying' and after this initial foray, DL never looked back, turning the whole thing into an album project based around Amy Winehouse’s debut album ‘Frank’… The interplay between DL's rhymes and the blissful musical backdrops including Amy's distinctive voice, meshes together some of the finest hip-hop / jazz in the game. 

01. Back To Frank Intro (Vol 1) 00:48 
02. What Do You Expect? 03:38 
03. Kicked To The Curb 03:51 
04. Handed To You Free 03:37 
05. Realize Responsibility 04:05
06. Stronger 03:22 
07. The Sweetest Thing 04:06 
08. But That's Not Me 04:28 
09. Made For You 03:53 
10. I Can't Help You 02:47 
11. Back To Frank Outro 01:11 
12. Back To Rap Intro (Vol 2) 00:42 
13. Can't Keep Lying featuring Ricko Capito, Dukus Alemay & Pyrelli 04:40 
14. Together featuring Pyrelli & MCD 04:13 
15. I Told You I Was Trouble featuring Pyrelli & Addictive 03:26 
16. And I Wake Up Alone featuring Dukus Alemay 04:20 
17. Owe Nothing To Me featuring Sus & Dukus Alemay 03:45 
18. The Chips Were Down 04:05 
19. Put It In Writing featuring Ricko Capito & K9 03:39 
20. What She Running From? featuring Lei-an 03:30 
21. I Can Get Mine 03:17 
22. Gold For A Fool featuring Pyrelli 05:21 
23. Back To Rap Outro 02:00 

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