Monday, January 28, 2013

AbJo - Anagoge

AbJo - Anagoge 

label: Soulection 
released: 28 December 2012
style: electronic future soul experimental bass beats 
format: 320kpbs mp3, FLAC,... 

"ANAGOGE is both a serious statement and a simple display of my ability to step somewhere out of my usual boundaries. In this way, it expands my boundaries, but in the gravity of the messages I hide both in the sounds, and in the foreign and holistic name titles of my songs, I also intend to expand other peoples' boundaries. Really, everyone says that I'm some genre-bending virtuoso or what have you, and this was my way of trying to live up to that a bit, while putting my signature twist on things. Everything about this album, each song, each name title, the order of the songs, how many songs there are, even in a sense, the duration of the songs and the whole album, were intentionally decided upon and modified to convey my own personal message: to you as well as myself. Interpret it as you will, look up the meanings of the name titles, stare at and bask in the grandiosity that is the album cover, but most importantly, listen intently. As loud as you can. Let the sounds envelope you. Go for it. Ascend..." 

1. Omnism 03:12 
2. Megalomania 03:20 
3. Bellasparse 03:39 
4. Pandora 02:49 
5. Dasein 03:29 
6. Abyssus Abyssum Invocat 03:12 
7. Thanatos 02:52 
8. Zenith 03:40 
9. Anagoge 02:57 

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