Thursday, January 3, 2013

Astroboter - Beat Sutras Vol. I

Astroboter - Beat Sutras Vol. I 

label: Psychedelic Dungeon Records 
released: 04 November 2012 
style: instrumental downtempo beats experimental hiphop 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

If you compare the Astroboter debut album to a feature film, then this record can be seen as the outtakes and bonus material which enhances the prolific and vast history of the meta-mystic power shaped like a robot. The MPC implemented in his belly functions as a sketchbook, scribbling sonic notes about the numerous deeds he committed through his infinite existence. 
These short-stories work like traditional Sutras, where minimal sample-syllables meet continuous beats without flaw. Traced back to the origins of Instrumental Hip Hop and Breakbeats, the samples derive from Psychedelic & Progressive Rock, Classic Music, to Krautrock and indigenous cultures. In opposite to the full length album, no live instruments were documented on this record. Planned as an ongoing series in the future, Beat Sutras Vol. I reflects the sample-driven aspect of Astroboter’s musical merits. The digital version of this collection will be released for free over the course of 6 weeks, with two songs airing each week like a TV Show. 
The gratis version is accompanied by a Limited Tape Edition, handmade by the artists and confined to 40 pieces worldwide. Each cassette comes with an unique Sutra from the Pali Canon, creating a closer experience for the listener. 

01. Mara (Prologue) 01:57
02. Sounds Of Psylence 01:53 
03. Blunted Borys 01:52 
04. Maester & Scholar 02:18
05. The Flood 02:43 
06. Ex Voto 04:18 
07. Isca 02:47 
08. Fire Sermon 02:26 
09. Show Her 03:37 
10. Fathers Of Heaven 02:30 
11. Daturas Dance 01:48 
12. Abstractoboter (Future Or Past) 01:42 

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