Monday, October 8, 2012

Strad - Atomic Tonic LP

Strad - Atomic Tonic LP 

label: iD.EOLOGY 
released: October 1st, 2012 
style: electronic triphop drum´n´bass jazz hiphop 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

A tonic is usually referred to as a means to invigorate and build one up. But in order to prepare a tonic, one needs to break down its components first, to grind them up, mix them into one another, give the whole lot a boil and let it reduce on a slow simmer. On his aptly titled iD.EOLOGY debut, Strad concocts his own brew of complex flavours with a vitalizing effect. He splits, cuts and chops Jazz, Funk and Hiphop down into their basic essentials, and re-composes the pieces according to his own taste. A shot of Lounge goes in for extra smoothness, as well as a tablespoon each of Electronica and Drum’n'Bass to add some spice. Strad’s final blend has an overall dark, earthy tone, a texture like velvet and a silky shine. And being the connoisseur you are, its rich and deep aroma will keep you intrigued and entertained for almost an hour. Rest assured, though, that its inspiring and refreshing influence will last with you for a whole lot longer. 

01. Drive-In  01:37
02. After The Rain  03:11
03. Stealth  06:18
04. Big Bang  04:01
05. Fear Swing  04:24
06. Atomic Tonic  06:56
07. Lullaby (Delight)  04:20
08. Rapture  02:43
09. Silk (feat. Fran Kapelle)  05:23
10. The Joker  05:30
11. Astronaut’s Notes   03:53
12. Hengsha  03:14

download link 320kbps 
download link FLAC

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