Friday, October 19, 2012

Polar - Memoria Inmediata

Polar - Memoria Inmediata 

released: 26|08|2011 
style: electronic downtempo abstract hiphop 
format: 320kbps mp3 

The common argument to say would be "This disc comes from the end of the world", but why not see it in another way and lets say: "This release comes from the beginning of the world: The Patagonia". Polar is one of the members of the duet Magallánico "Lluvia ácida". As a soloist, Héctor Aguilar in "Memoria Inmediata" gets close to the sounds of down tempo and hip-hop, with an exceptional way to handle samples, reaching musical solidity within the instantaneous moments as much as in the whole picture. 

01 Alpha final trasmission  03:18
02 Dorotea  03:15
03 Vastedad  03:56
04 Colossus  03:26
05 Despreciado  04:46
06 Plan maestro  04:37
07 Polar science  03:20
08 Springhill  03:50
09 Dial code  03:30
10 Aeropuerto  04:47

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