Friday, October 5, 2012

Elekwent Folk - Northern Lights LP

Elekwent Folk - Northern Lights LP 

label: self-release 
released: 06 August 2012 
style: soul jazz hiphop rap 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

Elekwent Folk have gathered up the mist over the Salish Sea, the snow sparkling on the peaks of the North Shore mountains, the climactic sunsets at Wreck Beach, the sizzle of Vancity barbeques, the mushrooms swelling beneath old growth cedars, and condensed it all into a free-spirited explosion of North West Coast hip-hop. The group, consisting of producer AstroLogical, and emcees A-Ro and Slippery Elm, have been together since highschool, and on Northern Lights their chemistry has never been stronger. AstroLogical provides a colourful musical backdrop using jazz and progressive rock samples and raw drum breaks, while Slippery & A-Ro rock a diversity of lyrical styles; from chanted incantations to boom-bap party-rockin funk, they assert themselves both as powerful emcees and adept storytellers. This is hip-hop born of dynamite and passion, of record crates and groove-elixir hip hop that was born on a street corner in the nucleus of an endless cipher. 

01. Opening Words 01:28 
02. Borealis (feat. Moka Only) 02:45 
03. Seasons Go 03:22 
04. Northern Lights (feat. Panther) 02:49 
05. Passionfruit 03:22 
06. Embers 02:43 
07. Wreck Beach Sunrise 02:26 
08. Slipping Thru Time 02:40 
09. Pillow Talk (feat. Ashleigh Eymann) 03:01 
10. Mark My Words 03:31 
11. Beat Pilgrims (feat. Claire Mortifee) 03:32 
12. Mercury Raps 02:43 
13. Found Something 02:59 

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