Thursday, October 25, 2012

DJ Sol Rising - I AM Soul

DJ Sol Rising - I AM Soul 

label: self-release 
released: 23 October 2012 
style: world funk reggae hiphop electronic beats 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

Global Funk album, I AM Soul, reflects an innovative marriage of East and West influences—resulting in an organic, funky blend of electronic beats and world music elements. Celebrating a rich flavor of spirituality, the album emanates creator Sol Rising's powerful message of Love and Light. A unique spin on the modern hip hop genre, I AM Soul features some of the top independent hip-hop artists—such as Zumbi of Zion I and Rasco of the Cali Agents, as well as world renown instrumentalist, Marco Lienhard. 
I AM Soul is a eclectic album that enlivens the innate joy within us all. The album illuminates a positive message of radiant love, reverence, wisdom, and get's your dance on, too! Infused with bliss, DJ Sol Rising offers an innovative album that evokes personal liberation and enables a transformative, danceable experience with radical beats 

01. Distant Lands 04:50 
02. All Night Long feat. Aima the Dreamer 04:42 
03. Love 04:38 
04. Around the Clock feat. Rasco 04:04 
05. Bollywood Dreaming 04:30 
06. Shakti Bounce 05:00 
07. Light of Wisdom feat. Zumbi, Wisdom, Seasunz, Zahira Soul 05:07 
08. Shri Ram Jai Ram 05:13 
09. Galactic Cowboy 04:36 
10. Eh Hawa feat. Hina Patel 05:21 
11. Back to the Essence feat. Seasunz 05:12 
12. Ancient Mother feat. Wisdom 03:47 

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