Monday, October 15, 2012

Ra Cailum - Mapzzz EP18

Ra Cailum - Mapzzz EP18 

label: Mapzzz 
released: 08 March 2012 
style: electronic future bass beats 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

The second Mapzzz EP of 2012 comes from bubbling Midwest producer Ra Cailum, who represents his city of St. Louis proper with three absolute heaters for the 18th edition of our ongoing series. Taking cues from from the hyper-fi productions of artists like Kingdom, Brenmar, and the likes, Ra Cailum folds a bit of playfulness into the mix, warping his tracks into part-dancefloor-aces, part-nerdy-synth-adventures. The man’s first two offerings, “Dirac Sea” and “Celestial Being,” are about as gangster as Mapzzz has ever/will ever get. The kicks are tuned and quantized, the percussion is other-worldy while still knocking, and the synths are on some blunted space shit. Hell, there’s even some gun shot samples to be heard on “Celestial Being.” To close it all out, Ra Cailum weaves an almost heavenly piece of beat work with “Sakuya,” which piles layer upon layer of glistening synth atop an impossibly infectious culmination of big beats (with some miniature percussion thrown in for good measure). We suggest you play these Ra Cailum cuts loud as all hell, probably whilst you’ve got some smoke in your system, and make sure to keep this one on REPEAT. 

1. Dirac Sea 05:18 
2. Celestial Being 05:19 
3. Sakuya 05:04 

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