Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shortcircles - Shortcircles EP

Shortcircles - Shortcircles EP

label: Plug Research
released: February 14, 2012
style: electronic bliss hiphop instrumental beats
format: 320kbps mp3

A musician that was never trained as such, every time a composition is created warrants a different approach. Inspired by Four Tet, Teebs, Floating Points and DJ Shadow, as well as a plethora of 50’s jazz records, the Shortcircles sound is hard to pin-point. The best way he can describe it is as a “peaceful sound. I try to make music that is as honest to myself as possible.” With that mindset he set out to craft a follow up Shortcircles project. Collaborating with other vocalists and musicians, this was the most serious project to date for Matt. Without having an outlet for it, he completed it. It wasn’t until friend and Plug Research artist Elephant & Castle heard the album that Matt considered a label. E&C played liaison and within a short time, Shortcircles became a welcome addition to the roster. Shortcircles promises to deliver an amalgam of styles both soothing and galvanizing, but always honest.

01 Fallin' feat C. Ellis 4:03
02 Star Party 3:50
03 Counting The Lights 3:58
04 Meatball In Space feat Geoff Saba 6:45
05 Time Time Time feat Evander Owens 5:16
06 Searching For A Reason feat Tiana Vallan & C. Ellis 8:01

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