Friday, March 9, 2012

Thavius Beck - The Heavens Bleed Sunshine

Thavius Beck - The Heavens Bleed Sunshine

label: Plug Research
released: February 21, 2012
style: electronic hiphop jazz instrumental
format: 320kbps mp3

With the release of "The Heavens Bleed Sunshine" Thavius Beck takes us into his melting world of hip-hop, electro, and jazz. On this 5 track EP Thavius puts to good use his tuned ear for quality melodies and finely crafted baselines. Being a respected producer for varying acts along with a background in the jazz community allows him to incorporate a wide range of sounds and instruments in his music. This project gives new listeners a taste of everything Thavius Beck has to offer and will win over long time fans with its true to form fusing of musical genres.

01. Thanks 03:12
02. Watson 03:04
03. He´s a Mute 02:01
04. GLK Jack 03:23
05. Rationalizing Emotion 02:39

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