Friday, March 23, 2012

Vaginia Ludwigia - R3M​!​X3$ 4 TH@ PPL I @D0R3

Vaginia Ludwigia - R3M​!​X3$ 4 TH@ PPL I @D0R3

label: self-release
released: 14 February 2012
style: electronic abstract glitch idm
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

From the beginning of Vaginia Ludwigia, in july 2010, to what has become a more serious piece of Junk, VL have been remixing stuff.

01. Diana Ro$$ & Lion UHL Richie- Endless Love (Simple Love R3mix) 05:07
02. Tha B3ATLE$- ND I LUV H3R (phat VIRGINMILF/ ch1LL BEET Par-D M!X) 04:00
03. johnny_ripper- In a Dream (EROTIC BALKAN RE-VISHVN) 03:03
04. C0LD ass IC3 (CUNT H3R3 U /\/\Y IC3 Iz T@LK!N 2 L0UD) 02:54
05. Remix of Shultz's "you AND i" (DVB) 05:15
06. The Black Eyed Peas- JV$t Cun't Git E-NUFF Wi+cH HAV5/nuMetal/0rGeeT0vvN (Vaginia Ludwigia Remix) 03:28
07. Song for My Mom (feat. Jack Johnson) 04:00
08. MOR3 N-SPIRAshUNOL ( MIX) 07:12
09. A Weekend (Feat. Beirut) 05:24
10. TH33 O-J$- LUV TRA!N (MIDN!T3 ME@T BE@T[AT]devilducks.occupy) 05:07

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