Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ashley - Land Of Dub

Ashley - Land Of Dub

label: Dubkey
released: December 2011
style: dub reggae roots
format: 320kbps mp3

All good roots reggae and dub tracks have two basic ingredients: heavy bass lines and solid drumming. That's what anchors the music, that's the tunes' foundations. And that's two of the reasons why this Ashley album works: loud and clear bass, and steady drum beats throughout.
But that's not all we get. Also present are melodious digital horns, the melodica, an mbira, the sitar, long atmospheric synth chords, and a siren which takes us into the roots dance hall. This is UK dub with a small twist. It is based on 70s and early 80s Jamaican dub music, but there's several other things here which give this set a peculiar feel.
Step onto the 'Land Of Dub' - it's a pretty unique place!

01. Land Of Dub 03:56
02. Situation Dub 03:27
03. Controlling Dub 03:46
04. The Escape Dub 03:27
05. Moving Dub 03:13
06. Ancient Dub 2 03:25
07. Freedom Dub 03:35
08. Dark Days Dub 03:50
09. Dub The Riddim 03:53
10. Passage Of Dub 03:51
11. Dub Valley (Mix 1) 03:37
12. Dub Valley (Mix 2) 03:45

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