Sunday, March 11, 2012

DAM^BEER - Random Bits

DAM^BEER - Random Bits

label: Stereoptico
released: February 2012
style: electronic boombap hiphop beats
format: 320kbps mp3

More music from the man that refuses to take a break, a producer as industrious as he is creative. DAM^BEER brings up a selection of beats he’s put together between some serious skateboarding sessions and throwing together stop-motion encounters between Alien and Predator action figures, beats he had lying around and was itching to drop. With messed up polyrhythms, funk samples and a very special approach to the boom-bap, this release is a must listen for beat-heads.

01. Make u Feel Something (2:26)
02. Right Amazing (1:58)
03. Court of Love (1:32)
04. HifreqRythm (1:33)
05. Dead (1:26)
06. Random Shit (1:52)
07. Carnival Boost (2:12)
08. David McCallum Acid Trip (2:29)
09. Country Sam (2:44)
10. Electronic Music Patterns (2:50)

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