Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mobster - Mon sommeil

Mobster - Mon sommeil

label: Digital Pit
released: 2011-02-10
style: downtempo triphop beats
format: 320kbps mp3

Following the very good "My dreams are faded westerns" released in 2008, his second album Book Mobster "My sleep".
Decidedly minimal, the beatmaker was able to focus on the essentials, to achieve a quiet strength in the service of an abstract downtempo uncompromising. No less than three years have served to Mobster, to sharpen his sense of creation, and his musicality, and to share with us once again her dream world.
At the cross of DJ Krush, and the beginnings of DJ Cam, "My Sleep" is a call to insomnia, as the nights you spend traveling on his music, will seem long.
1,2,3 ... dream now!

01.Moon Reflections (Intro) (1:58)
02.Deep Forest (4:36)
03.Le morning (3:13)
04.Earthbreaker (3:31)
05.Ante & post meridiem beats (3:41)
Through Puddles 06.Your Eyes (interlude) (1:36)
07.Our song (4:06)
08.Et air and sea (3:21)
09.End of Machine Age (3:05)
10.Mon sleep (3:05)
11.Ondée urban (featuring Screenatorium) (3:10)
12.Hive (3:23)
13.Lullaby (1:52)

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