Saturday, February 12, 2011

AXMusique - Second. The same

AXMusique - Second. The same

label: Brennnessel
released: 20/10/10
style: electronic rock´n´roll electro
format: 320kbps mp3

A year after first album, AXMusique offers four new songs and shows quite a new face. Until now the whole rock´n´roll attitude had only ideological meaning, but "Second. The same" announces a real change in band´s sound.
All of those tunes are known very well by the live audience but here they are in totally new arrangements. From the first song, we can hear motor guitar niff and quite organic drum arrangement. Then, "Somewhere Something" and "Half Shut Eyes" are shaping up the sound convertion. EP is finished by "Drunkenfly" trancy song which in this scene has also very rocky solution.

01 insipid
02 somewhere something
03 half shut eyes
04 drunken fly

download link

AXMusique - somewhere something from Sebastian Juszczyk on Vimeo.

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