Friday, April 6, 2012

Shipwrek - Journal

Shipwrek - Journal

label: False Profit Records
released: 12 July 2009
style: electronic ambient dubstep downtempo
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

Shipwrek’s first release titled ‘Journal’ is a journey through the enchanted mundane. Having sampled everything from a forest’s wind to whistling strangers in a back-ally, Shipwrek has imbued his music with something intensely powerful. Experiences, thoughts, and feelings were recorded in a process he refers to as “music journaling”. Because of this, every track is like being on the verge of a new discovery yet simultaneously, there is a gentle familiarity.

01. Speakeasy 03:16
02. For Your Own Good 04:48
03. Chasing Circles 04:51
04. C.Q.D. 02:32
05. Barefeeted 03:45
06. Thursday Nights (w/ benchun) 04:08
07. Bloom 04:03
08. Tangerines 05:15
09. Don't Recall 03:10
10. Dig 03:11
11. End Transmission 05:01
12. For The Days You Don't Feel It 02:42
13. While You Were Packing 04:44

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