Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blocktreat - Traditionals

Blocktreat - Traditionals

label: Jellyfish Recordings
released: 17 April 2012
style: electronic instrumental jazz beats hiphop idm
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

Blocktreat is the solo-moniker of Vancouver producer and multi-instrumentalist Brandon Hoffman. A self-described control freak, it was just a matter of time before Brandon took a detour from playing in bands and producing other artists to concentrate on his own breed of sample-based instrumental music. Blocktreat draws from a diverse musical background to blur the lines between electronic and acoustic music.
Traditionals takes inspiration from the blacksheep of the electronic community like Four Tet, the Books, and Prefuse 73. The album was constructed from field recordings of friends jamming out bluegrass standards in the back yards and living rooms of East Vancouver. The fresh, spontaneous vibe of the source material is contrasted with Blocktreat’s signature ‘tiny equals beautiful’ sampling aesthetic.

01. Old Joe Clark pt. I 01:12
02. Windsor Blue Number Seventeen 03:14
03. The Game of Poverty 02:44
04. Through the Floorboards 04:48
05. Nighttiger 03:48
06. Burns Lake 02:54
07. Painted Boat, Oh Painted Boat 04:00
08. Elephants 05:31
09. Right Girl Wrong Lifetime 04:34
10. Old Joe Clarke pt. II 02:20

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