Sunday, April 15, 2012

Agosto - Hibernation

Agosto - Hibernation

label: Trippin' The Rift Records
released: 27 December 2011
style: electronic downtempo instrumental triphop
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

Hibernation - the second album by Agosto that differs from the earlier materials by the deeper and slower sound. This album is an attempt to recreate the atmosphere and state of mind during winter, an attempt to depict stagnation and inaction in people's consciousness. When one day is just like the other, when the image of life became so monotonous but yet so short. The state of cycling turns into apathy and then into indifference. Indifference towards everything - not just towards people, but to the entire outer world. The process of hibernation goes differently for everyone and can go on for the entire life. Maybe someone needs to wake up already and begin to really live and breathe? To understand, finally, that everything that we need is in the most obvious spot - within ourselves.

01. Input Love 02:51
02. Motivation Of City 04:24
03. Alive In The Hearts 04:02
04. Angel 04:12
05. Away From You 04:16
06. The Diamond (feat. Juzhin) 04:52
07. Alison 03:39
08. Spectacular 05:03
09. Dead Space 04:11
10. Melissa 04:10
11. In Limbo 03:39
12. Black Cherry 03:55
13. Output Love 05:12

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