Wednesday, April 18, 2012

John Frost - Love, Life, Trials & Tribulations

John Frost - Love, Life, Trials & Tribulations

label: SuperNiceMusic
released: 23 March 2012
style: hiphop rap funky jazzy beats
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

John Frost is a man that represents the blue collar worker. Honest, hard working and with a lotta backbone. This son of a soldier has been working hard over the last year to finish up his official debut album, “Love, Life, Trials and Tribulations”. John grew up travelling around the world and can be called a citizen of the world, and is sharing is wisdoms of life and love on this album. Love, Life.. became an album in the truest sense of the word, lyrics with topics grabbed straight out of life, a fantastic and coherent musical backdrop, and enjoyable fromm beginning to end. The productions come from producers extra ordinaire Jeejaa, of who we can never get enough at Super Nice, and Phonc, who is known from John’s previously released EP Who Is… John Frost? Featurings come from the talented Cedric Salah, the Front Porch Poets, HP, Sel and MadEye.

01. Overdue (Intro) 01:36
02. Tough Love 02:23
03. Back & Forth 02:46
04. The Journey ft. Cedric Salah 04:03
05. Gimme That 03:27
06. Remember The Days ft. Sel 03:04
07. Distinguished ft. HP 02:55
08. Too High ft. Cedric Salah 03:09
09. Time Is Tickin' (Paperchase) ft. Front Porch Poets & HP 03:38
10. Love Life ft. MadEye & Sel 03:44
11. Pain & Regrets ft. Cedric Salah (Bonus Track) 05:46

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