Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Polish Ambassador - Pushing Through The Pavement

The Polish Ambassador - Pushing Through The Pavement 

label: Jumpsuit Records 
released: 10 June 2014 
style: electronic breakbeat funk groove hiphop soul triphop world 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

Loved for his rootsy, indie EDM and sunny, shimmering beats, The Polish Ambassador springs deeper into organic, soulful sonics on his latest offering, Pushing Through the Pavement. The album’s tracks sprout from funk, R&B, and hip hop, thanks to a crew of friends and collaborators that feels like a snapshot of Bay Area underground soulfulness combined with worldwide musical allies. Progressive hip hop featuring Mr. Lif cross-pollinate with Indian and global chants (“Sri Gurvastakam”and “Koyelia”). Dubbed-out flow (“Rise and Release” featuring Raashan Ahmad) and delicate, positive R&B (“Wait for One That’s Special” featuring the velvet-voiced Sean Haefeli) raise the roof. 

01. Vision Fiberoptics ft. Sean Haefeli 05:41 
02. Let the Rhythm Just ft. Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo 05:55 
03. Prayer For Rain ft. Ryan Herr & Lizzy Plotkin 04:31 
04. Gathering of the Tribes ft. Saqi 05:28 
05. Forever Lost ft. Lafa Taylor 04:28 
06. Sri Gurvastakam ft. Kirtaniyas 05:49 
07. Lynx - Picture (The Polish Ambassador Remix) 04:41 
08. Wait For the One That's Special ft. Sean Haefeli 04:03 
09. Rise and Release ft. Raashan Ahmad 03:07 
10. Koyelia ft. Peia 04:11 
11. The Juiceman Cometh ft. Saqi 05:24 
12. Sonido del Sol ft. Ryan Herr & Saqi 04:51 
13. Lost & Found ft. Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo 06:17 
14. Ritual Revival 05:12 
15. Nobody's Alone ft. Yarah Bravo 04:18

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