Saturday, June 21, 2014

Little People - We Are But Hunks of Wood Remixes

Little People - We Are But Hunks of Wood Remixes 

label: self-release 
released: 10 June 2014 
style: instrumental electronic downtempo chill hiphop beats 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

When I was informed that UK based artist Little People, aka Laurent Clerc, had some new electronic music in store for us, I jogged my memory to think of the last time I enjoyed his downtempo brilliance. I’m pretty sure it was on the Emancipator station via a little known app/website called Pandora (back in the day before their ads were everywhere you looked) and recall it being one of the best matches I have ever heard coming out of the algorithm operated website. Mickey Mouse Operation was the first album and dammit was it great. 

01. Cartouche (Escaping Animals Remix) 03:31 
02. Offal Waffle (Emancipator Remix) 05:23 
03. Offcut #1 01:00 
04. Electrickery (Rachael Boyd Remix) 04:07 
05. Offcut #2 00:33 
06. Wonderland (Little People instrumental dub) 04:29 
07. Farewell (Sun Glitters Remix) 05:15 
08. Offcut #3 00:42 
09. Wonderland (Blockhead Remix) 04:53 
10. Offcut #4 00:32 
11. Eminence Grise (Set In Sand Remix) 04:58 
12. Offcut #5 00:32 
13. Electrickery (Joey Fehrenbach Remix) 07:09 
14. Offcut #6 01:00 
15. Aldgate Patterns (Marley Carroll Remix) 05:41 
16. Offcut #7 00:45

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