Tuesday, June 17, 2014

David Starfire - Awakening

David Starfire - Awakening 

label: Amrita Recordings
released: 10 June 2014 
style: world electronic psydub downtempo glitch hiphop instrumental beats 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

The "Awakening" album by David Starfire dives deeper in the Psydub genre and fusing music and voices from Australia, Tuva, Nepal, Tibet, India, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Morocco, Brazil, Egypt and Turkey. This album features collaborators Ganga Giri, Jamie Janover, Rik Shiva, Casey Forest Riley, remix by Kaya Project and unreleased song from Kalya Scintilla remixed by David. Album artwork by visionary artist Shawn Hocking. For free only 3 weeks!!!

1. Tuvan Dream 04:25 
2. Sharaj (feat. Rik Sharaj) 05:11 
3. Nebulous 04:11 
4. Daksha (feat. Ganga Giri) 04:56 
5. Sultan Stomp (feat. Inner Forest) 04:12 
6. Duality (feat. Jamie Janover) 05:29 
7. Sharaj (feat. Rik Sharaj) (Kaya Project remix) 05:31 
8. Ver La Luz_Kalya Scintilla (David Starfire remix) 04:31

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