Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Polish Ambassador - Ecozoic

The Polish Ambassador - Ecozoic 

label: self-release 
released: 7 May 2013 
style: electronic beats funk glitch groove world breaks 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

Starting about a month ago, The Polish Ambassador began to slowly release his latest album ‘Ecozoic’ track-by-track on his Facebook and Soundcloud. With each new track, fans were greeted with a variety of songs that pulled from multiple genres. The Polish Ambassador effortlessly mixes his signature glitch style with hip-hop, reggae, and even post-rock. This is an album that offers a refreshing breath of air for electronic music, which may seem at times stale. To top it off, his full release revealed that ‘Ecozoic’ was a double-album, containing 12 extra tracks that he hadn’t released up to that point. We decided to highlight some of our favorite tracks from the full release. The opening track to ‘Ecozoic’, ‘New Funk Millennium’ welcomes the listener into the strange yet marvelous world that is to come within this album. The track has a very relaxed vibe to it, featuring some deep synths that accompany it very well. As the title suggests, the track epitomizes a feeling of new funk; a mix of the old foundations of funk while incorporating new elements of electronic music today. 

01. New Funk Millennium 05:49 
02. Invisible Frontiers 07:28 
03. Two and a Half Moons Away 06:46 
04. Rootshine Revival 06:21 
05. Live Inside a Dream ft. Ayla Nereo 06:05 
06. Heartbeat Amplifier 05:56 
07. Waterhome 07:03 
08. Journey to the Center of Jah 07:01 
09. Rise ft. Ayla Nereo 06:03 
10. Soul Trap 05:32 
11. Cloudrush 02:40 
12. Kids Music for Adults 10:09 
13. Sundrops 09:16 
14. Dready Monk 06:50 
15. Underlight 07:08 
16. Earthship 06:32 
17. Conversations Between ft. Ayla Nereo 07:29 
18. Swing Connection ft. Vokab Kompany 04:26 
19. My Time Machine 06:48 
20. Jitterplug 05:48 
21. Optimus Primal 04:33 

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