Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gloom - With Every Last OHM

Gloom - With Every Last OHM 

label: self-release 
released: 29 June 2012 
style: electronic instrumental post dubstep wonky garage 
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,.... 

Gloom´s music is like taking Quaaludes and reading the Book of Revelations all night. There is something both frightening and pacifying in his unique, post-dubstep soundscapes. They arouse both anxiety and numb docility simultaneously. The songs are dense with hypnotic grooves and layers of spliced vocals that sound like someone singing in tongues. Gloom's pulsing, hazy atmospheres are both ghostly and comforting. His beats are relaxed and eerie, built from samples of mouth clicks and swishes of water that could, at another time, earn John Cage's approval. 

1. Only To Say 04:20 
2. LA LA LA 03:11 
3. GEOelectrix 04:04 
4. Dogma 03:55 
5. Sunshiner 03:40 
6. The Stomp 02:48 

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